If you enjoy studying the Bible but have grown frustrated looking for solid content you can trust, welcome to GetFedToday — one podcast designed to provide the Christian a hearty Bible study each day, five days a week. Every Monday the team at GetFedToday posts five hand-selected sermons from a vast catalog of reliable Bible teachers for you to enjoy on your commute to and from work, during your daily walk or run, or that hour you spend working out.

Please note, GetFedToday only posts content that is already available for free on the internet. Nothing about this ministry is monetized. And the few costs associated with hosting the podcast have been covered by a single benefactor. In fact, GetFedToday is a volunteer ministry run by a team of Christ-followers who love God’s Word, enjoy good Bible teaching, and genuinely want to make it as easy as possible for their fellow brothers and sisters to get fed today. All you have to do is subscribe!